Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cats and cauliflowers

Cat business this morning. Off to the Top Cats at Patcham to get one of those calming pheromone plug ins as Brian has been spraying obnoxiously in the hallway. Repulsive beast. It is due to the evil black cat who peers in through the glass door at Brian and continually fights him, which makes him want to mark his territory more. The woman at the vets really pleasant as usual, and lent us a basket so we can bring all three cats in next weekend for their jabs and so on.

Home and Lorraine and I played some pingpong with our new pingpong bats for a while, before we headed off to the shops where I failed to get a new phone deal, despite it being advertised on the Orange website, and in their catalogues. Lorraine and I had a nice cup of coffee in the Marwood Cafe, before heading for the sea to mooch in the beautiful sunlight.

Home clutching a new wok and a large cauliflower, which Lorraine transformed into a cauliflower crumble which we ate with fish. Watched I Robot with Will Smith which Lorraine had not seen before, and I re-read bits of a book about the great Paul Celan called Poet Survivor Jew by John Felsteiner.

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