Friday, February 03, 2012

Dreams and distant genes

Woke up after an incredibly complex dream at around five thirty with the detailed basis for a completely new story in my head. Had to crawl out of bed to write it all down before it melted back into the ether.

Lorraine working from home today, and it was nice to sit side by side up in the study. I had some agency work this morning, which I biffed through and then spent much of the day getting in touch with some old pals, including Michael Stone Richards who now is in Detriot and a Professor to boot.

Really nice and encouraging note from Richard in Guernsey about Clameur. Sent off some more CDs and went briefly shopping in the freezing weather.

Lorraine who is feeling a little better, cooked a delicious onion based curry tonight, which involved complex spice mixes and purees of garlic onion and ginger, and cooking onions in different ways. We snapped happily into this, and watched the recent movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which was well acted, atmospheric but slightly disappointing. Lorraine loves Le Carre and has read most of these spy novels. Probably have been much better on the big screen.

Looking at some of the photos Mum has sent me of distant Indian family... All rather fascinating. A distant cousin is researching our family history and has found that the sisters were of mixed race. He did a genetic test finding he had genes only found in people originating from Andhara Pradesh in eastern India.

Below my mother has always had this shot of folks about to attend a fancy dress party and I am sure I have posted it here before. Looking at Mum's grandmother Mignonette (b.1883) on the left hand side in the Turkish slippers I would guess this is between 1905-1915, and this a somewhat more flattering shot than the 'Auntie Min' photo below. The other two photos feature Mignonette's older sister Mutti (born 14 October 1881) and carried aloft.

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