Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Another day mooching on with redefining my business, and working on a new portfolio, plus chasing up new agency who despite sending me papers to start working with them, have suddenly fallen into silence. I am however feeling much better about things, and am realising that my experience in my particular field of copy is difficult to beat.

A note from my stepfather Gerald who is staying with Toby in Toronto and got in touch with me after many years in December.

Met Matt after work, and had a drink with him in the Basketmakers, and I gave him the words for the new piece to be sung by choir in a shopping centre which I have been working on lately. We also discussed various bits of business, and had a cheery time for a couple of hours. Lorraine had a govenor training meeting in the evening, and I arrived home clutching the tasty evil of an Ace Pizza.

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