Monday, February 06, 2012

Poet and Piano

Off this morning to Glen's house where Fingers and I got down to business right away rehearsing the new pieces which we are going to play on Saturday. These are Ophelia and Kafka, the second and third parts of "Three Portraits for Poet and Piano". Both short pieces utterly excellent, and Glen and I found our way through them quickly.

Met Dipak for coffee this afternoon in the Marwood. Chatting among the eclectic and haphazard decorations and paintings. Often a young clientele so there is a fair degree of sitting about in a cool way which I enjoy observing.

Then bits of admin, laying out the programme and all the other stuff that needs to be done. I can't help worrying about snow.

I cooked using a Madhur Jaffrey recipe tonight and it turned out rather nice. Very simple. Lorraine and I scoffed it, then played cards and listened to an album by Lamb rather than stare blankly at the goggle box. Went to bed reading R.S. Thomas. What an amazing poet he was. I met him once after a reading in Leamington which had electrified me. I think I rather embarrassed him with my enthusiasm.

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