The Conceptual Coalface

Another day at the conceptual coalface with Keith. Began to work through some of the difficulties we had run into yesterday, and then presented them on at lunchtime. Turns out the client had moved the goalposts somewhat and this became a bit of a re-brief, which we worked at without cracking it for a few hours. Last thing another meeting with Pat and Michel and a long discussion from which we all emerged with a new direction, which Keith and I are going to progress tomorrow. Working all day on this, without going out or thinking about much else. 

Heard from Katie that she was reading Bleak House too.

A short fifteen minute walk in the cold at six, and then cooked and Lorraine came home, and we lounged on the gold sofa for a bit watching Sherlock, a series I had not really watched much the first time around. And so to bed. Reading a bit more of S.T. Joshi in bed. He seems to think being dismissive and savage makes him a good critic. It doesn't.