A wanted man

A day of being wanted. Begun with reading the stories Tess Jolly had proofed for me. She had done such an amazing job on them. Not only made them all consistent, and corrected my aberrant punctuation and so on, but also the few micro-level tweaks were a bit of a writing masterclass. Wonderful. Wrote a paragraph or two to get Lorraine started on her Parish Church article. Lorraine working from School today as she had to allow in men to do scaffolding.

A quick walk about the park before work started. Prepped for the recording I then did with Robin for the podcast. Quite fun talking to her as usual about poems. Spoke to Anton, who wanted to talk about boules among other things. Then to Mum, who the solicitor had spoken to. Late in the day I got a lengthy letter from him. Messages from Toby about another, but cheerful, matter entirely.

While recording with Robin I received a call from Val in Paris, with a tiny job that needed to be done quickly. Good to talk to her. 

I took a briefing at midday from a new client a nice medical doctor working for an agency who was also in Paris, and worked on this for the rest of the day. Was contacted by the other new clients Keith and I had worked for a couple of weeks back with a request to rework their website copy, which I will do on Friday. Spoke to Keith briefly. Pat also texted asking me to do some work for him tomorrow, which I had to bump till Thursday afternoon. What with Nanda getting in touch yesterday, I could have worked Wednesday for four different people. If only I could clone myself in times of plenty.

Worked on the doctor's job for half a day, then did Val's job for a couple of hours and then did some editing of the podcast. 

Facebook post this evening confirming my story The Grieving is in the next Supernatural Tales. Which was cheering. I am excited about this, and people made some lovely comments.

 Played cards with Lorraine this evening, with her flukily winning. Then we watched some episodes of The Wire. And so to bed.