A day slogging on a brief for a new client. Lots of mind maps on this job, which always provide evidence that you have actually been thinking about stuff. A 5.00 meeting confirmed I had done okay. Very pleasant people, called Audrey and Zohra both based in Paris. It was a Microsoft Teams call, but I did not see their faces. Felt pretty relaxed this evening till I got an email at 10:30 from someone I had forgot to copy.

Managed to squeeze in a bit of podcast editing, and a short canter once around the park and back streets for a bit of brain aeration. Lorraine and I watching The Wire tonight. It is brilliant, and I have a feeling we are going to watch all of it now. 


Richard said…
The Wire is as good as it gets for a US police drama. Series 2 dipped a bit but thereafter it was compulsive viewing. The only other drama that comes near it is The Shield.
Peter Kenny said…
Cheers Richard! I must try The Shield one day too. Loving The Wire. Funny how you tune into the slang after a while!