Another Saturday night in lockdown

A bit of a lie in with Lorraine sipping tea and reading the paper. Then off to Choice Cuts to pick up some sliced chewy brown. Had to queue outside and enjoy the spelling on the chalkboard: Due to current Restrichons we are being careful... etc. I like the idea that if you are not certain about how to spell a word, simply capitalise it. 

Up and took another couple of hours work on the website copy I had been writing yesterday for the new client. Lorraine happily sorting through clothes and also listening to a talk about education. 

Eventually sent this off, and Lorraine and I played MarioKarts, and then had a short walk. In the evening we zoomed with Beth and James and played an epic game of Linkee with them in my study. In a lockdown world, this almost felt like a night out. Good to chat to them. They seem happy, which is heartwarming. 

Calliope getting involved on my desk in the evening.