Racing through primary coloured landscapes

Lorraine cheery as she has three days off this weekend. She jumped on the scales and found she had also lost a kilo.  An indoor day, with Lorraine absorbed in playing on the Nintendo switch and we had a enjoyable game of Mariocarts, where I enjoyed racing through the elaborate primary coloured landscapes. 

I also read the short story Type by Matthew Rees, a signed copy arriving in the post this morning. Quite a comic story in many ways. An amusing note from him too.

A zoom meeting this afternoon with Sam and Jade who are coming to live in Kenny Towers at the beginning of April. Looking forward to having different faces around, and non furry people to discuss things with during the day.

Otherwise a peaceful day with two episodes of The Wire tonight completing series one again.  I have the DVD of all of it, and it is so well written and acted. Makes me laugh that Dominic West and Idris Elba are both English, but are utterly convincing.