Less growly than a woof woof

Up early after feeling a bit worried overnight that I had misplayed the politics on the new job. Began work at 7:30 and I  finished that job at noon. A big oui from the new clients in Paris, so all was well. 

Planet Poetry upload day today, and I had to send an unfinished edit to Robin to compete this morning. She did and bounced it back, and I uploaded it this afternoon. Nice to be able to feature Rhona, who I first met in the 80s.

Did a bit of work for Pat this afternoon too. He had said it would be a half day, but it ended up being a very small job. Chatted to Mum today, otherwise beginning to feel a big brain dead, as it has been quite a high pressure week. Not ideal as it was Lorraine's week off. Still I am making money, so that is good. Not that I have done much of the billing yet.

More Wire tonight, and some cards too. We ate wings in woof woof sauce, or rather the original sauce which is slightly less growly than a traditional woof woof. It was good, although I as have have been prone to indigestion this week, possibly not ideal.