Braindead by Friday

Up a bit later today, but in time to take my 9:30 briefing from a nice new client called Dan, who Keith and I had worked with a couple of weeks ago. I thought this may just be a simple rewrite, but it turned into a technical job with lots to think through. By four I was utterly braindead and feeling very tired. So I negotiated finishing it tomorrow, Saturday. Manacled to my desk most of the day, but had a short walk, and left Lorraine at the post office. 

I did an enlarged walk around the block, and when I got home there was a roofer loitering outside, and I showed him the roof of my study to get a quote. Lorraine had called him earlier today. He had done some work on her school. We had another roofer at the beginning of the week in for a quote too. My study is damp and there is a problem that must be fixed, which is likely to hoover up lots of cash. So it goes. 

After I could not work a jot more, I sat in the kitchen with Lorraine, watching her cook and simply drinking a can of beer. It had been a good week from a financial perspective, just wish I had been able to complete the job today, rather than it spilling into Saturday. Mustn't grumble though. I am so lucky to have picked up a fair amount of work in the last three weeks. Hopefully there will be a little more in the pipeline. Feeling a little less despondent about my freelance work at least.

An evening when Lorraine and I binged on The Wire. All well. I drank a few cans of beer.