No pinches and punches but lots of chat

First of February. No pinches and punches, thankfully. I hate January, and am always pleased to see the back of it. Sent off my biographical note to David Longhorn at Supernatural Tales yesterday, and was feeling cheery about the idea of seeing my story The Grieving published. 

Quite a few conversations today, for me at least. Spoke to Keith this morning, about a job it now seems likely we will be doing later in the week. He was raging about his smart lighting, which has gone wrong. No longer can you simply turn a light on or off, but it all has to be controlled via the wifi, and having plugged an ethernet cable into it, the lighting went haywire. I must admit I am far happier with a simple on off affair, but maybe this is a sign of age. Anton called too, it being a new dawn for him, having come off his extreme diet and is contemplating his first drink in a month. A good chat with First Matie, who is having a challenging time. Ian, however, is being a solid as a rock as usual. I am really pleased they are together. Then Mum called, galled and depressed by the business with the neighbour and we put together a bit of a plan.

Recording with Robin this morning too, discussing Mary Jean Chan's book Flèche, which I have come to admire and like. 

An afternoon walk

Lorraine home early, we scarfed dinner, and then she had to attend a Governors meeting, virtually of course. I continued editing Rhona's interview. It is taking a while. 

Today was also the day that Lorraine and I have decided to take control of our eating, so no evening snacks and we have consumed the last of the Christmas chocolate, although Lorraine has sent off for a small packet of high quality darkly bitter chocolate to eat in emergencies.

A murky and muddy walk today. This is standing on top of Hollingbury Hillfort looking North.