Moocher by morning

The job I was doing on Friday and Saturday has turned into an octopus. Every time I thought it has been poked back into its tank, another tentacle got its suckers on me. This necessitating assorted video, phone and text messages during the day, and bits of writing till evening. I will be able to charge a bit for it but not a day's worth.

I was quite productive. On Sunday night I made a list of things to be done, and biffed through most of them, including writing to the solicitor, tracking down the name of people to send invoice to, writing blog posts and doing other bits including listening to the first cut of Robin's interview with Kathryn Maris. I wrote to John McCullough on the same matter. Spoke to Mum, who was delighted with having received one of Lorraine's cross stitch designs, which is a late birthday present.

Went for an early morning walk today, instead of my usual post lunch saunter, picking up the threads of Bleak House again. Nice to be mooching in the fresh air again. The number of people walking dogs seems to have exploded in the last six months. But it seems it is a healthy thing to be compelled to walk the dog every day. 

Boris Johnson announcing the stages of what will is hoped will be a slow progression towards a more normal life in the summer. Schools will be fully open in two weeks although teachers remain unvaccinated, a fact that got no mention. Luckily rates are now down low. 60 per 100,000 people in Brighton have covid or 0.06% as I prefer to think of it. Rates are similar where Lorraine works. However I noticed the UK's infection rate rose slightly today for the first time for ages, which gave me pause.   

Look at these golden roadside beauties. Crocuses.