Lazy Sunday

Up fairly early for a Sunday as Lorraine wanted to make the most of her last day before going back to work. 

We had a saunter down by the sea, and sat on the pebbles for a while listening to the waves and breathing in the air, and throwing little pebbles at distant larger pebbles. Quite busy along the seafront with people walking along taking the air. A very mild day that was even sunny this morning. Growing overcast as we walked however.

A lazy afternoon. Lorraine playing with her computer games, I was a tired today, and simply dozed on the sofa for an hour. 

Spoke to Pat and Maureen on screen today. Maureen was making an owl in a duffel coat with button eyes and webbed feet. Discussion about the necessity for haircuts. I said I was beginning to look like a mad professor, and Maureen said A mad professor? That's what you are isn't it? Pat showed us the bird house he had been painting. It looked very welcoming.  

Otherwise I was looking at an old photo taken of me as a child, surrounded by records and was able to find  one or two of the the tunes on Spotify.  

A roast chicken dinner tonight, sitting with Lorraine and watching Antiques Roadshow. A perfect Sunday scenario. 

Below Sunday Scenes....  Calliope chatting in the kitchen, Lorraine perched on pebbles, the sea making scallop shapes of foam at the water's edge, and Lorraine surveying the scene.