A bit of a slog

I took the precaution of going for an early morning walk before work, with the wind keening on me and the hardy dog walkers.

A surprisingly gruelling day's work, but by the end of the day we had bashed out three workable concepts for the new brief -- and Keith and I had a couple of chats with Pat and the FB. I am sure that lockdown and the grindingness of these days is making everyday work harder. I can't remembering such a slog to meet a brief for a long time -- albeit a slog condensed into a day. We were scorning some work that showed a patient in Michel's words 'sitting on a couch, smiling because they were alive', this made me laugh. I said I felt I had spent the last ten months doing the same.

Luckily it was done and dusted before Lorraine came home, and we enjoyed a delivery curry, which Lorraine had ordered before even leaving work. I drank a few beers tonight. Worth not drinking all week, because it made me enjoy them all the more.