A bit of non-event snow, pictured below. A beast from the east, as folks like to call it. By the time it reaches Brighton it has grown quite tame.  

Lorraine and I hibernated indoors, Lorraine phoning folks and playing Zelda. I did a little reading of a book by S.T. Joshi called Weird Fiction in the Later 20th Century on my kindle. S.T.Joshi writes all kinds of introductions to weird fiction collections (and Horror and dark fiction) from Penguin and so on. He thinks Stephen King is a hack and is not afraid to tell you why. He likes Shirley Jackson though, and so do I. 

Did not even venture out of the house today, apart from to put some rubbish out. Hibernation. 

Spoke to Mum this evening, all well there. 

Pictured: the snowflake from the east.