A working day, thankfully

Woke up to a note from Matthew Rees who, as befits a  horror writer and editor, always seems to send his emails at around midnight, accepting my story Flytrap. This is another of my old scraps I reworked. Because I am a lot better with prose these days, I find I can transform old material. It's good to know that that former effort wasn't wasted. 

Up early and a quick note to thank Matthew and one to Rhona and then I wrote a follow up letter to the solicitor I'd phoned yesterday. Chatting with Mum over lunch and Toby twice this evening on this matter. Also spoke Anton, still losing weight apparently.

Sadly no time for a walk today, but popped around the corner to buy bread. That cooped up feeling comes on me strongly, when I can't get out.

A day's work with Keith, on a product vaguely related to pharma. Mostly fine, but feeling a tad distracted, not least by cats playing some species of soccer with a tennis ball. Presented the work to two pleasant and bearded clients at 4pm having been briefed first thing, and they were delighted with what we had done. The job finishes tomorrow sadly, but I have enjoyed it.

A bit of intermittent publicising of the new podcast with Mary Jean Chan that Robin had uploaded. 

Then once done straight onto cooking, making one of the famed chicken stews. Lorraine home and work irritations making her, by her own admission, a tad mardy.  Toby chats this evening, as mentioned, and then we watched Death In Paradise, a special loose of plot two parter concluding tomorrow. To bed.