Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wards and theatre

Up for toast and lots of coffee, and hung about with Mum, who was taking calls and did a couple of emails. I did a spot of hoovering before we went off again to the hospital. Somewhat to my surprise we found Mason much more alert today, his voice stronger and able to speak in sentences. He's far from out of the woods yet, but it was good to see him a lot brighter. The sister talked to us before we went into the ward, saying he'd been saying strange things about California, and the pacific ocean and so on, and they wondered if this was normal. We assured them it was.

I left Mum and Mas in the ward, and went to meet Betty on the platform at Farringdon Station. She'd been up to Mill Hill to have photos taken at an extras agency. Slow train to Brighton, then once in the home of the seagulls, we bought some Japanese style takeaway, then rehearsed A Glass of Nothing with Dylan and Kitty till 9:30pm in the Duke of Welly. Everyone a bit low energy, and it was hard work. Managed to grab a cab just outside the pub, and Beth and I were soon home to Lorraine.  Very tired, and it was good to be home.

Below a section of one of Mum's paintings (not the whole thing), which is the view from upstairs in my Grandparent's house on La Rue des Grons, done as if taken by a fish eye lens on a rare day of snow. This is now my desktop picture on my mac.

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