Thursday, November 24, 2016

Seeing Mas in hospital

Off to London to see Mason in hospital. Met mum at St Bartholomew's in the lobby of the hospital, and we went for a quick cup of tea before visiting hours started.

It is a very modern building, and when we got to the intensive care unit, it seemed really well run, clean and the staff and equipment were all excellent. Mas himself was groggy and uncomfortable, but this only to be expected after such a big operation.

He was very tired and sleepy, so after a while, we left him to rest and repair.

Mum and I went to a posh ale and pie pub near Smithfield for a chat, and a quick drink.

Then I trained home in fairly good time, early enough to cook for Lorraine. Both of us very shattered today, and we repaired to bed at a very early 9:30.

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