Wednesday, November 30, 2016

In want of sharpness

Up early, and my brain not at its sharpest, and feeling generally tired. Bits of writing, and did a smidge for my French clients. The work I was expecting from my pals in Chiswick did not materialise, but I am happy with that.  Spoke to Mum before she went off to see Mason.

Worked doing lists and stuff with Beth and the Tech script for We Three Kings. in the afternoon.  James collected us in his car and we spent the evening rehearsing with James and Dylan their scenes in W3K in the room upstairs of The Duke of Welly. Dylan making big strides today. James's comic timing very good I think. Maybe because he's a musician too.

Very cold tonight for Brighton. Luckily James gave us a lift home too.

Home to Lorraine at 9:30, chatted with my lovely wife before we shuffled off to bed.

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