Sunday, November 13, 2016

A first look

Happy news from Sam and Jade this morning, but this news embargoed for a few days.

Otherwise, our morning spent continuing to sort out the books and move things around the house in a happy and companionable way.  I love doing stuff like this with Lorraine, I don't know why. It makes me feel secure and cheery.

Lorraine had to spend the afternoon working on school stuff. My Sunday afternoon was spent with Betty and the others rehearsing We three Kings in the Duke of Wellington. Sucking throat pastilles throughout to stop hacking, we ran through We Three Kings for the first time. Definitely a few laughs in it, but a fair amount to work out too. Had a speedy drink afterwards with James and Betty, before James gave us a lift home. Everyone fairly cheery and feeling in a good place about it.

Home feeling rather tired, and Lorraine had cooked a roast chicken, we had a glass of wine and we started to watch an episode of Black Mirror. But soon we had to stop as Lorraine found it too scary. Instead I persuaded her to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, which was fun even the second time, and we went to bed and slept sans nightmares.

Calliope, my personal alarm clock and no respecter of Sundays.

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