Thursday, November 03, 2016

Out into the Noir

Colder today, and my cold back with renewed vigour, a hacking cough and streaming. However things improved as the day wore on.  Again the Kenny brain veering off in many directions, except, of course, the one I wanted it to. However I sent off the long (95) lines poem I've been working on for ages to Long Poem Magazine. I've been flip flopping between titles for it, but finally settled on The Slow Tsunami. This is all part of my policy of getting everything out there.

Beth got let go from her telemarketing job, as the part of the biz she was working on was no longer profitable. Apparently they did it nicely. Luckily Beth doesn't have all her eggs in one basket, and I was positive with her about getting something new. It was dead convenient though, just being on the other side of the park, part time and flexible so she was a bit down.

I had a cheery evening however. Went to Charlotte's book launch at a room in the John Harvey Tavern, just across the river from the Harvey's brewery. It would have been rude not to have tried the Harvey's in there. A lovely 3% mild too, which I enjoyed, and reminded me of Ansell's Mild that I used to drink as a callow student at Warwick, and living in Leamington.

Usual Lewes crowd, and I no longer feel like an interloper among them. Nice to see Robin, Sarah Barnsley, Stephen Bone, Clare Best, Marion Tracey, Jeremy Page (who'd just returned from a week working in Japan) among others.  Clare 'introduced' Charlotte, but it was very much a home crowd, and everyone feeling happy for her. Her book Noir really is excellent. She's uneasy about reading, but in fact read really well and confidently.

Charlotte's microbiologist brother, whose name was Alex I think, and was over from Long Island, and Sarah, Charlotte the brother and I were bitter enders for a last drink, before home.

Walking to London Road station, then back home from it I saw three or four different foxes.  Home to slip into bed next to a sleeping Lorraine.

Below Charlotte reading.

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