Saturday, November 05, 2016

Family matters

Lorraine off having flu jabs, and nails done and shopping and Beth teaching. I enjoyed a quiet interlude reading books and thinking about poems, having got home late last night. Reading a book called  Howards End is on the landing by Susan Hill, which is a book about books. I seem to want to read at the moment, and do little more.

Then later we drove off to Kent to Pat and Maureen's house where Ken, Lorraine's youngest brother, was with his partner Clare, and Lorraine's nieces Louise and Sarah and nephew Peter were too, with their respective boy and girlfriends. For Ken was having an early fiftieth birthday supper at The Old Mill which is a good pub restaurant. A nice evening, with meaty portions. I was at the end of the table sitting next to Pat and opposite Lorraine and Maureen. Pat on receiving his sorbet said they could least have warmed it up before they brought it.  A cheery waiter made Maureen finish off a piece of mint from her dessert, and Maureen told him with impeccable comic timing that his mint was a bit tough.

It was only the third time I'd met Ken, and I found him a friendly likeable man. He and Clare breed dogs in Ireland in their spare time. They live right in the middle of the country, apparently there are lots of old broken down castles and abandoned stately houses about there.

Ken's daughters Louise and Sarah are respectively a philosopher at university, while Sarah likes acting, which is all a bit Sam and Beth-ish. Must be genetic.

Back to Pat and Maureen's place for a bit for some more chats, before Lorraine drove us home in time to watch Chelsea win 5-0 against Everton and suddenly look like an accomplished team again.

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