Tuesday, November 08, 2016


I definitely have a chest infection.  Beth sick, so we biffed our rehearsal.

I went for a longer walk this morning, hacking as I went, while waiting for briefs to come in. Returned wan and wussy and fancying a lie down. Read more of Gilgamesh. Work came through at lunchtime though, and naturally it was all urgent. Worked till six.

Spoke to Mum twice today. Romy it seems tore a retina last week, and has had laser treatment. Hope she's okay. Toby was with her. Strange how Helen had this last week too. Yikes. Then Mum phoned later to say that Mason has a date for his triple bypass now which is now scheduled for the 22nd of November. They went out to the Chinese restaurant to celebrate.

Cooked tonight for Lorraine and Beth, and then spent the evening hacking on the sofa. We did watch an episode of Humans though, which is quite good.

Voting in the US elections today. My gut tells me it's Trump, but I'm hoping this is just pessimism. Early to bed.

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