Sunday, November 06, 2016

A spicy birthday beano

Tired this Sunday morning, Lorraine up early and working on school stuff. I was up and working on bits too. Off for lunch, we walked down to the Chilli Pickle where we met Catherine,Tanya, Guy and Tim to celebrate Catherine's birthday on Friday. A tasty and light Indian meal followed by some icecream in the street and gin and tonic in The Office. Really nice to see everyone, and it was all very cheery and friendly.

After Lorraine and I had walked home, I spent the rest of the time reading. I finished Howard's End is on the Landing which Catherine had said she'd read, and didn't particularly enjoy. The second half of the book was dull. Susan Hill seemed to forget the idea of the book, which was to spend a year reading the books she had left unread in her house, and instead it became a list of 40 books she liked best.

I sat on the sofa reading this while Lorraine worked, an early night with a toast-based snack before bed.

Below Catherine and Lorraine, and Tanya, Guy and Tim.

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