Monday, November 07, 2016

Guardians of the galaxy

Monday and up early with Lorraine. Sent some work off to Paris, and then waited for a briefing that never arrived from Chiswick. However began work on a poem about Japan, and I started reading Andrew George translation of The Epic of Gilgamesh from Penguin Classics.

I had read the earlier Penguin at university, but this is much livelier translation and generally better, able to rely on more finds in broken clay sherds of the Epic poem, in its various versions over time.  Fascinated by the lacunae, of parts of the clay tablets that are still missing.

Beth home and ill with a bad cough and cold. Not feeling much better myself. A productive cough, to use that unpleasant word, and feeling underpowered. Just a short walk around the block today to get Beth some cough sweets.

A note from Helen replying to some work I'd sent her on the Opera, saying she had a torn retina, but had it treated right away. Alarming stuff.

Lorraine out tonight, so I read most of the evening, but watched Guardians of the Galaxy on Netflix while eating spaghetti, which was surprisingly good and I would recommend it. It is a sort of parody of Superhero movies, except it is far better than the things it is parodying.

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