Sunday, November 20, 2016

Betty's birthday

Beth's 25th birthday today. It started in traditional (for Beth) style with Beth, and John, sitting on the end of our bed to open her presents. And as usual Betty very excited. At lunchtime we all got a cab with a very friendly driver to take us to The Eagle, where we had the room upstairs which was soon full of Beth's pals, including Dylan, James and Kitty and Sarah and Matt and their bairns -- and some folks who were in Annie that Beth has known for years.

We had a good Sunday roast in there and a few beers during the afternoon. I was particularly pleased to see  Matt and Reuben who are all chuffed at their engagement. Lorraine, sensibly went home at tea time, but I stayed out with Beth and John, John's pal Matt and James. We went up the road to the Brighton Tavern, where Matt and Reuben had gone a bit earlier, for another drink with them. Then off to The Mash Tun, which was noisy and full of idiots. Then we went to another pub where there was an open night for musicians, and Matt played a few songs, and James sang an a cappella song.

At the end of the evening, Beth, John and I taxied home, and ate the chips we'd bought. Rather a lively day and evening, and my top hat was definitely askew. Felt like I was letting off steam, however, after feeling grotty for a few weeks, and that was great.

Below, Betty waiting for presents. Betty opening presents.

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