Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hilarious energy

Coughing through the night, chest infection still annoying, though I felt a bit perkier today. I love this time of year, and lots of interesting stuff is happening. To have the wind taken out of my sails by a stupid chest infection is a bore. Beth hacking too. And worse, Lorraine starting to cough too.

The day interspersed with bits of freelance to do with homelessness. Wrote a bit about Gilgamesh on my other blog, and tidied up something for Lorraine for the parish magazine. My great get the bloody poems out initiative, is still going well. I got my second response from my salvo, from Jeremy at Frogmore. It helped sitting next to him at the Poetry Book Fair, and him telling me he liked shorter poems. I sent him some short ones, joking about my cunning, and I'm pleased to say he took Touchstone, a poem about Moulin Huet for his spring issue. Two from two so far. Better not start crowing yet though.

At half four, I walked down to The Duke of Wellington for rehearsals of A Glass of Nothing. A really good session today. The Beth, Kitty and Dylan now familiar enough with this play to push its boundaries even more. A kind of hilarious energy at times tonight. Being party to the unfolding of the work is really useful experience for me.  Beth and Dylan talking about us doing a sketch show in the Spring, to keep everything going before we go to Edinburgh. This could be great fun too.

Home to Lorraine, who'd had another long day.

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