Monday, November 28, 2016

Back to Bart's

New kitchen stools delivered this morning, and I did a few scraps of work. Up to London today, and I met Mum at Bart's hospital where we spent the day with Mason in intensive care ward. He is not making much progress, and not in a particularly good way. He is, however, receiving absolutely outstanding care. I am really impressed with the staff. They are friendly and professional and communicative. A long afternoon, watching Mason's screen full of various traces, and numbers which you find yourself looking at all the time. He has a lot of swelling of his limbs. He is not able to talk much, and is in and out of an uncomfortable looking sleep. He is hooked up to an external pacemaker which is steadying his heart rhythm, which they are gradually turning down to see if his heart will pick up the slack.

We went off for cups of tea in a little cafe, and had a piece of chocolate and honeycomb diabetes on a plate. The square outside has a few autumnal trees, and twice we saw people feeding the nearly tame squirrels, which mum liked.

Eventually we left, and caught the train back to Stanmore, where we wandered down to Pizza Express and had some food and a drink. Toby messaging while we were there. Despite everything Mum and I had a good time, and talked lots. Then home to the pampered cats, and we sat by the fire, watched some TV and had another glass of wine before bed.

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