Saturday, November 26, 2016


A day of doing things. I got up to buy some bread and then took breakfast up to Lorraine in bed, and we lurked there for some time before daring to face the day.  I spoke to Mum before she went to hospital to see Mas.

Then a burst of practical activity. A bit of leaf sweeping in our front garden, driving into town to look at costume bits for the play that Beth had, and buying things like lightbulbs, and gas canisters for the soda stream, and did a shop in Sainsbury's, and went to the Japanese store.

In the evening, Lorraine and I went off to see the movie Arrival down at the Marina, we really enjoyed it. An intelligent piece of SF that showed communication winning over a military response, with the linguist as the protagonist. But it nicely balanced a human story with a momentous historical moment for humanity with its first contact with an alien species. It also played with time too. Lovely stuff. And the central performance by Amy Adams was particularly good I thought.

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