Tuesday, November 22, 2016

An uncooperative crow

Attempting lots of work, but my brain not quite clicking, and everything taking a long time.

Mason admitted at Bart's hospital this afternoon. Mum went with him and there was a good deal of tiresome waiting in waiting rooms and so on. Took a walk down to the sea, good to stand there in the wind, with the sea quite rough and looking at a crow hopping about using a stick and possibly a stone. I wanted to take a photograph of it against the white sea, but it moved in mysterious ways.

I then popped in to see Janet and Ken, armed with some chocolate cookies. Janet looking forward to moving house, down to Hove, close to the sea at a very swanky address. She's been sorting through in preparation to move, and has uncovered a stash of fabric which she is going to give to Lorraine for the school. Walked home from there, and then got ready to go to Lewes. Was late due to rubbish strike-bound trains.

A Frogmore press reading  with Clare Best, Jeremy Page and Catherine Smith. Robin and Charlotte there, and Stephen Bone.  Missed most of Clare's, but caught Catherine and Jeremy. Had a quick beer after with Robin, Steven, Jeremy his wife and pals.

Had clocked up 16000 paces by the end of the day, which was good.

Below a few blurry snaps of the sea, the wind was blowing the phone in my hand. And the iSore.

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