Friday, November 25, 2016


In a strange state of mind, very tired and I look haggard, but poems are pouring out of me at the moment. Only time will tell if they are any good. Just had my head down all day. 

Preoccupied with Mason at the moment too. Spoke to Mum in the morning and later. Was phoned by the hospital to say Mas was being moved from intensive care.

In the evening, a delight, seeing The Shakespeare Heptet playing to a good sized audience, listening in rapt attention at St Mary's Church in Kemptown. Lots of chums in the audience, including Glenn over from Greece, we chatted to him and Steve Cartwright, and Maria-Grazia Richard's wife and Claudius. Lorraine also spreading out on the tables flyers for the Christmas play.  It was very atmospheric, and the band though a bit nervous at first played beautifully. They've also taken to projecting the sonnets onto the wall so you get to really dwell on the poems as you listen to the music. 

Then Lorraine and I walked with Steve and Maria off to the Evening Star, where we met  Glenn, Richard and Dipak. A really convivial atmosphere, and lovely people. Lorraine and I cabbed it home and straight off to bed.

Below the Shakespeare Heptet, currently a four piece, playing in a lovely atmosphere.

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