Monday, August 08, 2016

Tucking in

Did not sleep well.  However after a breakfast of yoghurt and fresh peaches. Lorraine and I rallied strongly, and went for a walk to the other side of the harbour, and explored more of the town.

In the afternoon after I’d had a bit of a sleep, and felt far perkier. We went to the art gallery, where there was a contemporary exhibition, Voramar,  by a French artist called Des Bouges who used to holiday in Collioure when he was a lad.

The Collioure work not particularly interesting to me, but some of his other stuff was far weirder and more disturbing, using taxidermy, the dead bodies of crows, shed antlers and so on. At its best it had a feeling of being like a magic rite.

From there, Lorraine and I went to another beach, small and pebbly a bit more like the Greek ones. As before, we attempted to surge in with insouciance. The water quite cold, and Lorraine said she never quite warmed up. Interesting to encounter other people snorkelling, one with a fishing net under the surface, another tempting a large fish below him by the rocks with a ground line, and when I climbed out I saw a chubby man with a purposeful looking spear gun. I did not see anybody succeed in their evil plans.

Then we dried off on the beach for a bit, warming ourselves up again before heading slowly home. Cleverly securing a couple of cans of cold San Miguel on the way.

In the evening, using the person who owns the property’s list, we found a recommended restaurant, where we had a quite delicious meal at a reasonable price. The starters were quite magnificent. We shared them. I had anchovies served on fried polenta and Loraine had the freshest and tastiest chickpea salad ever. Then Lorraine had a beefy main course, and I had a tuna steak. All delicious. Then incredibly creamy ice cream with almond and honeycomb bits in it. We shared a nice bottle of red wine too. Really enjoying the feeling of being in France and tucking into amazing food.

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