Friday, August 12, 2016

Last day in Collioure

Last day in Collioure. Romantically walked to Carrefour which we had managed to miss, where we bought plenty of food,  we also stopped at the boulangerie to buy some brioche to have with coffee at home as a hobbit’s second breakfast.

Got ourselves packed and organised today, as it is an early start tomorrow. In the afternoon, we sauntered about, and went into the Church (mere paces from where we were staying) a place full of gold and signs urging silence and respect, which seemed not to apply to the two French ladies gossiping as they cleaned the altar area.  

In the evening we ate our supper, on the terrace, played a game of scrabble and had several glasses of wine. Then we went for an evening walk, watching a the Thibaud Dufoy Trio, hosted by Collioure Jazzy, out by the waterside with a twinkling and busy electric piano and a rather excellent drummer. Jazz with extended improvisations is not Lorraine’s usual fare, but she put up with it gamely for a bit. Then we went for a stroll along the waterside by the castle, trying to soak in the beauty of the lights on the harbour, and then sloped home.

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