Sunday, August 21, 2016

Home sweet home

A  restful night in my own bed without having to donate blood to mosquitos. Calliope woke me to get up and feed her and Brian. Cups of tea in bed. Then breakfast, finding out about what had happened to Beth in the last two weeks, speaking to Mum and gradually unpacking.

A Maureen shaped fairy had visited my room, and left me a water bottle with a note about watering plants. Much discussion about diets. Lorraine joined the Slimming World site, and Beth and Lorraine spent much time poring over ingredients, cookery books and listing allowable foods. Gradually getting myself sorted out after our trip, catching up with this blog and a generally recovering from yesterday's epic journey, and freeing space in the spare room for Toby when he arrives.

Last of the Olympics tonight. For me, the 2016 Olympic games will always be the French Olympics.

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