Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Down in the dungeon

After a slow breakfast, Toby still feeling rough. Lorraine and I walked him to the station. A very warm day for blighty. Had coffee and hung out chatting till it was time for him to go. Sad to see the Tobster off at Brighton station. They really need to sort Star Trek beaming out.

To the shops then for a wee bit, before returning home. Excitingly collecting from neighbours two things that have been delivered: an amazon firestick which will let us watch net flicks, and a coffee maker like the one we used in France, and a bit like the one Anton has. It uses capsules, and delivers rather excellent coffee and of course is a tremendously middle class purchase.

Early this evening much sorting of our dungeon, which is where everything is poked until its fate can be decided. John and his mate Matt are moving into a flat in Hove shortly, and we have donated my old Calliope scratched wooden table and two chairs. This activity gave us an opportunity to have a good sort out in there, well mostly Lorraine as I find it hard to stand up there and we also have a pile of things to take to the tip.  Amazing the psychologically benefits of a neat dungeon. Something in the basement of the mind is tidier.

The commencement of The Great British Bake Off this evening had smiles on the lady's faces.

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