Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cream tea for Toby

Toby still hoarse and feeling rough with a nasty cold bug. Taking judicious lie downs during the day. Still we managed breakfast, and lots of chats, and after Beth had got back from work and the dentist with half a frozen face we all took a late afternoon drive to Steyning for delicious rhubarb scones, cream and rhubarb jam. Toby enjoyed the cream tea, and we were talking about how much Romy, as a connoisseur of the English cream tea, would definitely like this.

After this, Toby and I had a fast cold drink in the Preston Park Tavern, then home again after half an hour or so, to let Toby crash out again.  Lorraine cooked supper (the days' meals apart from the aberration of the cream tea under the new healthy eating regime) eaten with a resurfaced Tobs watching Robot Wars on TV.  The fridge has a sheet of paper Beth printed out with meal suggestions plus a few motivational phrases, such as: 'You are not hungry, you are bored. Drink some water & learn the difference'.

Really good to see the Tobster despite him feeling ill. Sorted out a few bits of admin first thing this morning, and chatted to Mum during the course of the day too.

Here is Toby, pre-cream tea.

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