Monday, August 22, 2016

A hoarse Toby arrives

Monday. Feeling a bit Mondayish and sprang up and sent off emails, and got to grips a little. Was offered a good chunk of freelance starting at the beginning of September, which is dead handy. Felt somewhat better. Lorraine and I then headed off into Brighton, received a poetry rejection email while out. Am on a poor streak at the moment with poems, stories etc. being widely rejected.  There are tides in the affairs of writers. Bah.

However cheered up quickly, and had a fast haircut, while Lorraine waited in the cafe next door. We went off to look at coffee machines, having been inspired by the place in Collioure which had a coffee maker that produced some lovely coffee. An idea enthusiastically taken up by Betty. A spot more shopping, and Toby called, en route to Brighton. We met him at the station and cabbed home. Toby very hoarse of throat and feeling shattered. When Betty got home, and Toby had had a quick rest, we made off to the Shahi for a cheeky curry. Beth and Lorraine being very sensible. Me, not so much. We left early as Toby was very tired. Home, and listening to Spotify and hanging out before we all went to bed.

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