Thursday, August 04, 2016

Holiday ducks aligning

A day of getting our holiday ducks in a row. Into town to pick up Euros a lot fewer than normal thanks to the weakness of the pound. (Cheers Brexiteers!) Also bought a new sheet and I bought some bland teeshirts from M&S.  Then home, and trying to get things organised. Beth and I then went for a business meeting in the Preston Park Tavern to discuss our new production at Christmas.  Then Lorraine and John joined us briefly for a quick pint before we went home for supper and a spot of packing frenzy.

On another note, Matty boy and I and the rest of the Chiswick gang won our pitch. This is good news for the Kenny coffers as the new client insist I work on their account as I clearly get the brand. This good news as with the absence of any kind of feedback, we were thinking we may have lost it. A good way to commence the summer hols.

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