Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pints in Town Street

Up to Leeds this morning. A cab to the station, and then up to St Pancras. Cheery to be travelling. Lorraine and I have spent quite a bit of time on trains together lately. At St Pancras a cheeky lunch of salad, then up to Leeds from Kings Cross. Noticing again great queue of people wanting to have a Harry Potter themed photograph with the luggage trolly disappearing into the wall at platform 13 and three quarters. Amazing that a work of fiction for children can be built into a station. You have to take your pointy hat off to J.K. Rowling.

A pleasant journey to Leeds, where it was raining in proper Yorkshire fashion. Reached Sam and Jade's new flat fine by taxi as it is quite far out of the town centre. After a nice cup of tea, and a tour of the house, a walk uphill and a decent pun with food on the no-nonsense street name of Town Street, which rather tickled me.

A few pints of Timothy Taylor Boltmaker, and some grub there. A celebration of Sam's imminent Birthday and also of his acceptance for his PhD with funding at Stirling. He is hardly able to believe his luck at the moment, and the department and the people he is working with are first rate too apparently. This is really good news, which the self-depreciating Sam is only now just soaking up.

Jade aiming to finish her PhD next year, with a fair wind. But that will mean she has raced through it in three years, so that may not been achievable.

A saunter back home afterwards, the skies opening with generous rain again, and some lightning at one point. Lorraine and I the only people in the street to have brought wet tops, like the soft southerners we are.

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