Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Chic in the rain

A bit of an odd day. Up fairly early (for us) and into town to have a croissant and coffee in the slightly surly wifi café called Café-Sola (written in the coca cola font). Sent off a couple of emails, and uploaded a bit on this blog too. Lorraine and I then sauntered back to the flat, buying an artisan baguette en route, before tucking into lunch.

The weather then took a surprising turn, windy (I ran around closing the shutters) and the rumble of thunder over the mountains and big spots of rain that never fully developed into a rain storm, and then a light rain for a short while. Lorraine and I enjoyed from our balcony, reading (The Buried Giant by Kasuo Ishiguro, Lorraine something about people killing each other in Scotland) sewing and so on.

Later, we took a walk around Collioure, springing up the hilly bits in the coolness. We ended up in a restaurant (not on our list) where we had a quick pizza.  Not a particularly good pizza, I ordered something called a Mexicaine and was hoping for chillies, and zip but it came back with ground meat on it. Lorraine more sensibly opted for a Collioure pizza which had anchovies. But we scarfed them down with large mugs of cold beer.

Then a good walk around town to stretch our legs, and mooching down by the seafront. Laughing a little at the heavy duty or chic rainwear adopted by the French after the shower. Took photos, and ended up in the town square watching a band playing disco tunes from the late 70s as well as Daft Punk and so on to a fairly enthusiastic crowd. Home, and a last few moments on the terrace, before bed, listening to the band finish their set. Slept with windows open letting in deliciously cool air.

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