Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rainfall from a sunny sky

Sat working in the under the lilac tree this morning, struggling with an inconsequential poem, then  replying to my French client's request for more flea work. Seems that September is going to be busy. Sat there in the sun, and then one of those rain showers from a blue sky. Listening to the rain spotting the leaves but unable to see rain, and still in full sunshine. Then one big drop bounced off the area of concern and I knew it was time to come indoors for a few minutes.

Our tomatoes are starting to fruit now, and are really good. Nice to know that something has survived the gastropod ravages. We ate little corners of a few plums from our tiny plum trees. They would have been great, if they hadn't all be slimed and eaten.

Lorraine had returned home with lovely hair from the hairdresser. Meanwhile Beth had a day off work and was sorting out my payment from the Theatre place.  John and his pal Matt and Matt's dad arrived, and took all John's stuff and the table and so on. It's good to shed things from a house, it makes every thing feel lighter.

Meanwhile I'm still trying to cling onto holiday feelings. Spent an hour or so this afternoon listening to music while Lorraine was at acupuncture and the house was empty.

In the evening, we ate salads (for the great food change is ongoing) and watched the final Hobbit movie. Beth came back from seeing a play at the Marlborough, and is talking about putting the Christmas show on there.

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