Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sofa time

Woke Lorraine up in the night to tell her I thought I might be dying as I was suddenly feeling very poor indeed. The sudden sniffles I'd had before mutated into a fairly horrid bug, suspiciously similar to the one the Tobster was sporting last weekend. Luckily I survived the night. And spent the rest of the day glued to Sam and Jade's sofa. Sleeping twice.

Strangely though, I still enjoyed talking to Sam and Jade a good deal. Sam seemed quite pleased that I was able to be relaxed enough in their new flat just to simply crash out and not worry about it.  I like their flat, which is purpose built. They are on the top floor and it affords views of distant hills. In the back garden of a house nearby an Italian flag flying at half mast, possibly to do with the recent earthquake.

They took Lorraine out for a long canal walk in the afternoon, which gave me a chance to sleep heavily. When they came back the ordered a delivery curry, which was rather nice. Lorraine and Sam got to play a game of scrabble and I lay on the sofa like a greek or roman croaking the odd comment at them.

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