Friday, August 19, 2016

Last of the summer wine

Last full day in Les Mages. Off to the village again this morning, and after buying some bread and more sausages, we had a coffee in the Tabac.  A day of squeezing as much out of our last poolside day as possible. Have really enjoyed swimming. Just enough to do about five or six strokes before you are at the other end, but repeat lots and you feel as if you have swum a little. Sitting about reading more Senghor poems in my bilingual edition. I really like his poetry now even more than the first time I read it.

Plus games of scrabble, and ate a handsome sausagey repast in the evening. Then rushing about packing. Another nice chat with Lucy, a lovely person. Turns out her son is going to Stirling too, where Sam will be doing his PhD.

More Jeux Olympiques on TV too. Also we put in a good effort at wine drinking, with a fair amount needing to be polished off before leaving, both pink and red. And a can of Heineken.

Below a glimpse of the Tabac, a nice butterfly, which looked black and yellow, till it spread its wings and it was orange and red too. The little lane we stayed at the end of. The corner of our bedroom.

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