Wednesday, August 03, 2016

To Mum and Mas

Off to Lorraine's school this morning. Here I worked on my Chad poems, and Lorraine and Zoe did some work together. This done we had a swift and surprisingly easy journey up to Mum and Mas.

We drove off towards Watford where we strapped on the nosebag in the Imperial China, a Chinese restaurant. Large koi (the shy ones) in a pond outside the restaurant, and a notice not to feed them with coins or food. We made it there before last lunchtime knockings and ordered a bit of a feast, tasty stuff but sticky sweet.  Mas looking better than I have seen him for some time, and it was fun to hang out.

Then back home and Mum and I hung out chatting in the garden as the cats lurked about. I forget how large the garden is sometimes. Mason was a bit pooped after the big meal, and he snoozed for a bit upstairs and Lorraine snoozed for a bit on a sofa after all the driving. It is frustrating for Mas as he wants to do lots, but doesn't have much energy. The triple bypass awaits at some point soon.

Lorraine and I headed home at seven-ish armed with a pot of pelargoniums from Mum, and we had our fastest ever return journey, and so were home before nine. Beth was round the corner in the Park View reading her new Harry Potter book, the script for the play that is now taking the world by storm, and whose name escapes me. A quick drink there before home.

Below Felix doing a bit of sneering, Mum and Felix, and Beth doing something strange with her face and some ribbon.

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