Tuesday, August 02, 2016

An interlude in Steyning

Absolutely delighted with how my poems about Chad are going. I have four or five good poems on the go now. One of two of them have been that rare gift of arriving almost fully formed. I guess thinking about it for ten months has been a good thing.

In the afternoon off to see Dawn in Steyning, we wandered about the shops for a bit, then popped into a cafe where we had absolutely fabulous scones. Made with rhubarb, and served with cream and rhubarb jam, all washed down with Earl Grey tea. 

Back to Dawn's house, and sat about chatting and playing with Spotify. Looking out at Dawn's little garden, and the low wall the backs onto the village fields, and the Downs rising above it. Today the downs were shrouded in misty rain, and the weather has been pretty diabolic for August. In fact it all seemed a bit autumnal. However L and I are off to the south of France shortly, so we were not too fussed by this.

Chatted with Mum, who we are going to visit tomorrow, and later with the Tobster, who is off to California tomorrow to visit Alex.

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