Monday, August 29, 2016

A bask in the Yorkshire sun

Sam's birthday today. When we all got up, (I felt a mite perkier) and Lorraine and I had packed, we taxied to a French cafe near Leeds Station and had a really nice brunch. Lorraine and I had savoury pancake galettes, very tasty, and teas. Then to another cafe by the station where Sam likes the coffee (Sam takes coffee quite seriously). Jade talking about gender in a very interesting way.

It was a sunny day but there were lots of clumps of dried mud on the streets, and inside the station had a cordoned off area which was very muddy indeed. A straggle of Leeds open air festival types, looking muddy and exhausted, were in there.

 Fond farewells with Sam and Jade. Despite feeling ill, I'd really enjoyed our visit, and Lorraine had loved seeing Sam of course. Into the train and off down to London. An uneventful journey, listening to audiobooks. Then St Pancras to Brighton, fairly painlessly too. Nice to be home, nevertheless. John was there with Beth. He'd just finished his last essay of his university career, and was very pleased with himself.

Then, tired and glued to the sofa, we watched Netflix Stranger Things. All rather good.

Below Jade and Sam, and Jade Lorraine and Sam basking in the Yorkshire sun which put in a welcome appearance in the morning.

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