Sunday, January 03, 2016


A terrible night's sleep, and Lorraine having a badly upset stomach in the night. The day spent with Lorraine, John and I getting the front room ready for Cass who is coming to paint the walls. Shudder-inducing to put things in boxes, as if we were moving house again. Managed too to tweak my back abominably too. For it is a PK tradition to have some kind of a spinal gripe in January.

Lorraine and I decided to buy some furniture today too, a table and chairs and a small sideboard. We are going to have our front room looking spiffy soon.

Quick Facetime chats with Mum and Mas, who I interrupted watching Montealbano on the iPad, and with the Tobster for he and Romy now back from Japan, and have thankfully not experienced the kind of turbulence that afflicted an Air Canada flight from China. Girding his loins for the great return to work. Can't say I am suffused with enthusiasm right now, but it will come. Lorraine, in contrast, getting stuff sorted for her first day at the new school. Her teachers and children arrive on Tuesday. Exciting.

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