Saturday, January 16, 2016

Citizen Tetch

Thank God for Saturday. Up eventually after putting the world to rights talking with Lorraine in bed over the breakfast I brought up. Eventually Lorraine off to get her hair cut (and as traditional returning with it looking longer). I had a precious hour in which to read. Some of which I gave to Claudia Rankine's Citizen. Interesting book which has won lots of awards for poetry, but -- whisper it -- the bulk of it is prose.

Into town, where I met the sleek-haired Lorraine, we did a spot of shopping before drifting into a restaurant called The Sahara, where we joined Hus, Janet and Ken, Ray and Sonia and several of Hus's friends including Cesare, whom I sat opposite, to celebrate Hus's fiftieth birthday. Food nice, and interesting and pleasant people, mostly academics. One of them, Ben, was talking about the influence of Heidegger on architecture, which I found interesting having studied Heidegger in the past, and having briefly worked at the Architects' Journal.

Then home for a bit of a sprawl, then I was off out again to meet Anton. Lorraine deciding the sofa was too attractive and so stayed home with Beth. Met Anton in the Paris House and went to a couple more pubs afterwards to change scenes. A cheery evening, as usual and much to discuss.

The taxi driver taking a deliberately long route home afterwards. Going round Sark to get to Herm. I am aware that I am a bit tetchy at the moment, but accepting my Buddhist knowledge of projecting onto other people and so on, I find some folks setting out to work my nerve at the moment.

Below: man of the hour Hus sporting the restaurant's traditional birthday sombrero.

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