Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A sad day

Lorraine up at six as usual. I blearily looked at my phone after a bit and saw a message from Toby saying that Diane had died. She had been ill for a long time. Got up and did some work to send off early, then called Mum. She is naturally sad, but pleased that her suffering is over. Mum saying how cancer had got her three oldest friends, Maureen, Betty Tostevin and now Diane.

I've known Diane all my life, and as Mum's and Di had known each other since they were 15, always seems to have been one of the characters in my life. She was a spirited woman and funny to the point of trying her hand at stand up. She once invited me (something of a privilege) to a gig called Pear Shaped in Fitzrovia - she was pretty good, and her writing was strong.

Six or seven years ago she had a study which overlooked the South Thames construction site in London. Having just attended a course by the poet John Hegley, Diane told me that one day she decided to pen a poem about the driver of the crane she found herself watching every day. Most people would have left it at that. But Diane, having written her poem, approached the company, BAM, to ask them if she could read her poem to the crane’s driver on Red Nose Day. They readily agreed, and after she done a reading of her poem, she was then hoist into the sky where the photo below was taken.

The rest of the day I spent under the Nazgûl's wing feeling by turns sad, extremely stressed and overworked. This interspersed with a few chats with Beth about admin for the play.

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